Selling in our auctions
If you wish to sell material through our Dover Stamp Auction public sales, please
phone us, email us or come to the auction to discuss how we can help.
Alternatively, you can make inquiries at Dover Stamp Shop. Whilst we can sell
almost anything philatelic, the following should be noted;
Our 'standard' commission charged to vendors in this auction is 20% inclusive
of VAT. Rates for larger properties and 'regular' vendors may vary by prior
We do not charge lotting fees, unsold fees or picture fees. The vendor's
commission is the only cost you will pay to sell through us.
You must check with us beforehand if bringing bulky material (i.e. more than 1
Other than lots reserved at £1, every lot must have a minimum reserve
price of £30, as the cost of handling items below this value is uneconomic.
We reserve the right to reject any un-required material submitted.
We have produced a sheet of 'Guidance Notes' for sellers that is available on
request and provides more information on ways in which you can enhance the
prospects of selling with us.
Material left with us is not insured.
Payment is made 5 weeks after the sale.
We want your items to sell as we do not earn anything unless they do. That is why
we will not accept consignments where we feel the reserve prices are too
expensive. Our ownership team has been running auctions for more than 6 years
and attending auctions as buyers for over 30 years. That experience gives us
confidence that we can help you to find a buyer for your unwanted material.
Please help us to help you by providing as much information as you can, this
may include any or all of the following factors;
1. A count of the quantity of stamps (or a reasonable estimate / guaranteed
2. Catalogue value (please indicate the age of the catalogue used – it can make
a big difference!)
3. For mint decimal stamps of Great Britain, it helps to calculate a ‘face value’
which could be used as postage
4. Specify the dates / reigns covered where applicable.
5. Flag up any particularly noteworthy items in large collections